Directed by Henry Barrial    Written by Joe Vasquez

A new motion picture starring E.J. Bonilla, Melissa Fumero, Leo Minaya, Flor De Liz Perez, Saundra Santiago, John Herrera, and Rosal Colon.

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"Bring(s) to mind the great classic movie about family, The ‘Godfather.’  Barrial’s direction effectively captures both the tender moments, and the scenes of explosive violence."

- Dana Jung, We Are Movie Geeks

"The House That Jack Built takes us on a majestic journey of crime, family drama, and redemption. Not since ‘Real Women Have Curves’ has there been such a thorough investigation into the complexities of Hispanic-American culture."

- Joseph Braverman, Awards Circuit

"Using Bronx locations and a strong cast of Caribbean-Latino actors, director Henry Barrial constructs a convincing portrait of a neighborhood and its Nuyorican culture, staying true to the scale and sensibility that filmmaker Joseph B. Vasquez envisioned for the movie."

- Sheri Lindon, The Hollywood Reporter